Electrical Installation

     For 15+ years of experience in servicing vessels of all kinds, Flagman Ukraine has assembled a team of highly trained and  experienced electrical engineers and electricians / technicians. 
The team is available at short notice to take part in various types of projects starting from couple-days  jobs, that require fast reaction time, to large-scale projects such as installation of scrubber systems.

Our competence covers the following: 

  • Installation of new filtration systems on the existing HVAC systems  as part of overall COVID-19 strategies
  • Electrical Installation Service during Scrubber and BWTS Retrofits
  • General Electric repairs
  • Connections in main distribution boards, sub-distribution boards and low-current switchgears
  • Rewindling and repairs of electrical motors and generators
  • Electrical installation work in engine control room and bridge
  • Electrical installation work in public and cabin areas
  • Electrical installation work of deck equipment


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